About Fruit Science Department

Horticulture plays significant role in national economy. In Horticulture there is vast scope for cultivation fruit crop because India is having varied climatic conditions ranging from tropical to subtropical and to temperate, it plays an important role in overall status of the mankind and the nation. Fruit Cultivation in India is a prominent business sector for exporting and thus earning a good amount of international revenue. Around 10% of the world fruit production is accounted by India and leads the world in the production of Mango, Banana, Sapota and Acid Lime and in productivity of grapes per unit area. Fruits are rich source of minerals and vitamins and having some medicinal properties.  It is being utilized for making value added product like Jam, Jelly, Squash, Juice and Syrup. Some fruit crop can be grown in dry and wasteland like Ber Custard apple, Woodapple, Karonda, Jamun, Aonla etc it’s good for utilization of wasteland also. Recent policies of the Government of India to encourage export of fruits and their products by announcing concessions to the fruit industry such as reduced air freight charges and exemption for storage charges for refrigerated air cargo at international airports have encouraged a number of private entrepreneurs / corporate bodies to go in for planting larger area under fruit crops with an aim to export fruits and fruit products. Provide job opportunities in various Government organization, universities and private companies and good scope for establishing your own business itself.


Major Recruiters

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