About Extension Education Department

Agricultural extension is the application of scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education. Generally, agricultural extension can be defined as the “delivery of information inputs to farmers.”The role of extension services is invaluable in teaching farmers how to improve their productivity. Extension is also critical to move research from the lab to the field and to ensure a return on investment in research by translating new knowledge into innovative practices. The UN High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition argue that “national research and extension systems need full attention and investments from governments and the donor community.”

Extension services are classified into 3 types:
Technology transfer – the traditional model of the transfer of advice, knowledge and information in a linear manner;
Advisory – the use by farmers of a cadre of experts as a source of advice in relation to specific problems faced by them;
Facilitation – the aim of this model is to help farmers to define their own problems and develop their own solutions.


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